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Here are 10 incredible things about Mombasa that everyone loves to explore:

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Narrow Streets, Curio and Spices

Mombasa Old Town

The charming old town is Mombasa's core. Located on the southeast side of the Island, the Old Town testifies to the town's past glory; including the presence of the Portuguese, the Omani Arabs, and the British and their roles in the island's history, especially as evidenced in the architecture.
This is where you see carved Swahili doors and Arab-style balcony railings sitting next to what were once smart British government buildings. The narrow stone alleyways is a good hideaway from the sun when it is at its glory and one can stroll around to explore the atmospheric alleys; snack at one of the many cafes and shop for antiques, fragrant oils, spices, and souvenirs.

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A Mix of Portuguese - Omani - Swahili

Fort Jesus

This 16th-century fort and Unesco World Heritage treasure is Mombasa's most visited site. The metre-thick walls, frescoed interiors, traces of European graffiti, Arabic inscriptions and Swahili embellishment aren't just evocative, they're a palimpsest of Mombasa's history and the coast written in stone. You can climb on the battlements and explore its tree-shaded grounds. The fort was built in the shape of a man (viewed from the air) and is roughly square, with four bulwarks at its corners. The fort is considered a masterpiece of late Renaissance military fortification.
Between Portuguese sailors, Omani soldiers and Swahili rebellions, the fort changed hands at least nine times between 1631 and the early 1870s, when it finally fell under British control and was used as a jail; it opened as a museum in 1960.

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Dhow - Dolphins - Coral - Birds

Pilli Pipa Dolphin Safari

A personalised and professional snorkelling and diving day safari to Kisite Marine Park, graced by the presence of dolphins, with a deliciously fresh Swahili sea food lunch. What a day, excellent company, fantastic food and the most superb snorkelling and diving. This must be one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
Pilli Pipa is a small family-owned business run by Selina and Harm Lutjeboer. It was founded in 1989 and some employees have been there ever since. Safety is paramount and the number of guests is limited to ensure a personal service.
A superb lunch is provided that includes giant crabs, prawns, fish, chicken is served on the Wasini Island. Enjoy the pleasure of the Island that includes an abundance of bird life.

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Paradise of the Sable Antelope

Shimba Hills

The Shimba Hills National Reserve is perfectly situated for a day trip if you are staying in Mombasa or Diani Beach. The Reserve is characterised by rolling hills which are covered in coastal forests which form one of the largest continuous forests in the World. The reserve is home to many Elephant. The Reserve is also home to the last breeding herd of Sable Antelope in Kenya and you should keep a look out for these large ebony coloured antelope with their scimitar shaped horns. One of the most memorable activities on offer is a guided walk through the forest which takes you to the beautiful Sheldrick Falls.

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